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ROTEXT - Upper Body and Full Body

The #1 problem with rehabilitation and exercise programs is actually doing them consistently, not only when the person is highly motivated. Due to the design of the program, the ROTEX program can be accomplished in 2 minutes per session and can be done when the person is injured, sick, short on time, or not motivated.

In controlled university studies and institutional testing, ROTEX has repeatedly proved to provide from 30°-50° of extra total hip rotation, from 6”-12” of squat depth gain, over 8° of outward shoulder rotation, 1.4° improvement on the tilt of the pelvis, and consistently over 15° per side of torso rotation gain.

Since 2008, ROTEX has been involved in Clinical Trials, Controlled Research Studies, and Testing from some of the most prestigious hospitals, research institutes, universities and athletic teams in the United States, all with very positive findings and conclusions.


Pain & Stiffness

Sport & Injury Prevention

Athletic Performance

Restore Joint Flexibility and Greatly Reduce Muscle Stiffness, Pain, and Injury by using the ROTEXMotion program.
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About Us

Dr. Joe LaCaze served as a US Navy SEAL for over 20 years and with the rigorous training and deployment schedule, his body began to break down over time. After he retired from the SEALs he became a doctor and has studied the body intensely learning how the mechanics of the hips, spine, shoulders and ankles affect each other and every part of the body. 

After working with the patients and athletic clients in the fields of athletic assessment, chiropractic, flexibility and stability, neuromuscular therapy, and performance, he invented ROTEXMotion, an exercise program and machine that returns more range of motion to the body than anyone has ever seen.

ROTEXMotion has been utilized by athletes and sports teams for many years and is now available to individuals and organizations worldwide. The flexibility and motion workout ROTEXMotion provides relieves most tension and tightness in overused muscles that restrict joint movement.

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