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When he invented ROTEX in 2008, Dr. Joe LaCaze was equipped with the scientific knowledge of two extremely important facts about human movement:

1) All natural movement in the body is created by torque. Torque is simply the action of muscles to bend, straighten, or twist a joint. This action creates rotational motion around every plane of movement in the body. Using the elbow as an example it can bend, straighten, and twist. At the elbow, these are all forms of rotational movement. The example of the elbow applies to every other moveable joint in the body.

2) If an exercise program could be invented that would force the body to create torque in every plane of movement at once, against a strong resistance in every plane at once, it would be most helpful in every category of athletics, training, and therapy.

Although the initial focus and success was for lower back stiffness and pain, it was soon discovered the same principles apply to every other joint in the body.

Dr. LaCaze knew from thousands of exhaustive full body assessments that most problems of the body originate when too much torque has been created in one or more directions.  This happens from over-training in one direction, compensation due to injury or swelling, or lifestyle (generally from being in a hips or shoulders flexed position for too long, as when driving, sitting, or working on a computer).

He was highly qualified, skilled, and experienced in the fields of spinal biomechanics, neuromuscular therapy, chiropractic, performance enhancement, myofascial release and other flexibility techniques. He noticed through his thousands of assessments that almost 90% of his patients had imbalances in torque and rotation in multiple planes of movement.

It was then that he realized the most effective and time-efficient way to solve this problem was to create torque in the opposite directions of movement.  However, he also knew that trying to create torque in only one direction at once was highly ineffective. He had been using that technique in various forms for many decades and had found it to be a poor approach, at best. 

When he discovered a way to create counter-torque in every direction at once, around every moving joint in the body, a highly intelligent approach to solving multiple issues of the body was born. Whether they are specific to pain or stiffness, lack of flexibility, injury prevention, rehabilitation, daily activity, or sports, all of these issues respond favorably to the same approach. 

Since inventing ROTEX, Dr. LaCaze has studied the findings of many renowned researchers. He has conducted extensive research and testing on ROTEX itself. 

Through this diligent study, the findings of both Dr. LaCaze and these notable researchers have repeatedly been confirmed. All ROTEX exercises are founded on sound scientific and biomechanical principles.


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Restore Joint Flexibility and Greatly Reduce Muscle Stiffness, Pain, and Injury by using the ROTEXMotion program.
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About Us

Dr. Joe LaCaze served as a US Navy SEAL for over 20 years and with the rigorous training and deployment schedule, his body began to break down over time. After he retired from the SEALs he became a doctor and has studied the body intensely learning how the mechanics of the hips, spine, shoulders and ankles affect each other and every part of the body. 

After working with the patients and athletic clients in the fields of athletic assessment, chiropractic, flexibility and stability, neuromuscular therapy, and performance, he invented ROTEXMotion, an exercise program and machine that returns more range of motion to the body than anyone has ever seen.

ROTEXMotion has been utilized by athletes and sports teams for many years and is now available to individuals and organizations worldwide. The flexibility and motion workout ROTEXMotion provides relieves most tension and tightness in overused muscles that restrict joint movement.

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