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Improving Athletic Performance Potential

ROTEXMotion was designed to correct muscle imbalances, which immediately increases flexibility and range of motion, allowing the body to move more freely, dynamically, and with a reduced chance of injury. To improve your athletic performance potential, utilize the effective program and exercise equipment developed by Dr. Joe LaCaze in Opelousas, Louisiana.

Athlete Stretching

Warm-Up & Activation

Moving freely, without restriction, in any sport, exercise, or activity is a joy. Movement through a complete range of motion in all planes of motion is essential to superior performance.

The ROTEXMotion program of exercises specifically strengthens many muscles that tend to be long and weak, and simultaneously relaxes those muscles that are too short, in an overwhelming amount of athletes. Research articles state that about 85% of athletes have the same muscle imbalance issues.


The secret to consistent, sustained performance is getting the body back into the same position as it was before the activity, every time, after strenuous exercise. If not, two things will suffer — the body and performance.

While it is important to replenish the body with the proper nutrition and fluids for recovery after sport and exercise, it is actually as important to return it back to its best structural position — a neutral position. This allows the body to relax, by reducing inflammation caused by exercise and taking needless stress off muscles and joints.

If a recovery program takes too long, the chances are a person will not do it consistently. The ROTEXMotion program takes 1 minute to balance most major muscles used in sports and exercise, immediately bringing it to a more neutral position.


Physical rehabilitation is the job of a specialist, such as a physical therapist, neuromuscular therapist, athletic trainer, or chiropractor. It implies an injury that needs serious and professional attention.

ROTEXMotion has been proven to be a great tool in a professional clinic for a host of athletic type injuries. Used with the professional's own protocols, ROTEXMotion can be beneficial in rehabilitating and further preventing a long list of sports injuries, including sports hernia, low ankle, high ankle, ACL, knee, patella-femoral tendonitis, hamstring, hip, lower back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and spine.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is an inexact science and is dependent on many factors. No matter how much effort is put into preventing injury, high force/high speed impact, as in football or a car accident, will cause damage to the body.

ROTEXMotion protocols are designed to prevent needless injury to the body. Used within a solid training program, it has proved to be beneficial in preventing such injuries as sports hernias, ankle, knee, hamstring, hip, lower back, shoulder, and elbow.

Maybe the most unique thing about the ROTEXMotion program is that it takes so little time to use, that people actually use it every day. This helps to keep the body in a consistently neutral position — the best position to resist and prevent injury.

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