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Preventing Sports Injuries

Injury and overuse of different parts of your body while playing sports can lead to pain and stiffness that restricts your movement and can be a real nuisance. Using ROTEXMotion, a program developed by Dr. Joe LaCaze in Opelousas, Louisiana, you are able to keep your body flexible and strong, decreasing the risk of a sports injury.

Golf, Baseball, & Tennis

Predominantly rotational sports like golf, baseball, tennis, and any other swinging or throwing sports have special considerations. Unlike other sports where the rotational muscles are merely stabilizers, now the rotators become the ones that actually create the movement, so they must be strengthened and trained to do so. You can read a study on the effect of the ROTEXMotion device on range of motion and golf performance variables in male collegiate golfers.

The ROTEXMotion program effectively strengthens the muscles that generate the power, create the speed, and as importantly, stop the rotational speed before it damages the joints, even in the most gifted athletes.

Used for warm-up, ROTEXMotion brings the body to a more neutral position, which promotes consistent performance, and provides more available range of motion (useable flexibility). When used directly after sport or exercise, the body returns to a position that reduces inflammation and promotes faster healing — this is called recovery. Also, a body free of stiffness and pain is much less likely to be injured, one of the biggest advantages of ROTEXMotion for reducing the incidence of lower back, ankle, calf/Achilles, knee, hamstring, groin, oblique, shoulder, elbow, and sports hernia/lower abdominal injury.

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Football, Basketball, Soccer, & Volleyball

Sports that demand many different kinds of movement require strength in all the muscles of the body, not only the ones that produce force. When the same muscles are used over and over to produce the same movement pattern, such as sprinting, jumping, blocking, tackling, cutting, and kicking, those muscles become stronger and shorter than other important muscles. This creates a muscle imbalance that leads to strain, stiffness, pain, and eventual injury.

The ROTEXMotion program was specifically designed to relax these force-producing muscles while simultaneously demanding a strong contraction from their opposite muscles — the ones that reduce force. In other words, the program was made to help stop the action rather than to create it.

Used for warm-up and recovery, the ROTEXMotion program immediately returns the body back to a more neutral position, making it more "opened up" and "ready for action". This neutral position is also the best for consistent performance, reducing needless inflammation, and greatly cutting down on the numbers of several sports related injuries — sports hernia, ankle, calf/Achilles, knee, hamstrings, hip, obliques, groin, lower back, shoulder, and elbow.

Track, Swimming, & Cycling

These sports are basically straight ahead actions, except for flip turns in swimming, and all have a basic "stroke" — either a stride in track, a stroke in swimming, or a revolution in cycling. Since the body is going straight forward, the rotational muscles act primarily as stabilizers, but also to create a quick stop to the rotation of the hips and trunk to keep the body from wasting energy by allowing it to turn needlessly.

ROTEXMotion does provide the muscles that stabilize movement with ample strength to keep the body moving directly forward. However, the exercises performed on ROTEXMotion also create more range of motion for the ankles, hips, spine, and shoulders, which helps the athlete generate a more fluid stride, stroke, or revolution.

The flip turn in swimming most resembles the action of a gymnast or diver. Please see the section on gymnastics and diving to understand how ROTEXMotion exercises will help with that important part of swimming.

Gymnastics, Diving, & Field Events

Sports like gymnastics, diving, high jump, pole vault, discus, shot put, and hammer throw require the combined power of jumping and thrusting, and speed of full-body rotation. The ROTEXMotion program addresses all those requirements for these athletes.

While there are other individual exercises that may help to develop more power, thrust, and speed, the ROTEXMotion program targets them all at once in a few exercises that take one minute each for warm-up and recovery. These exercises help prevent injury to the most often injured areas of the body in these sports. ROTEXMotion dramatically reduces oblique, groin, hamstrings, ankle, lower back, and shoulder injuries, as well as sports hernia.

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