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Eliminating Pain & Stiffness

From correcting muscle imbalance to eliminating nagging hip & lower back pain, ROTEXMotion is an effective and easy way to relieve pain and stiffness. This includes releasing tightness in the back, hip, shoulders or neck that is caused by a Sports Injury or muscle imbalance. This program was developed by Dr. Joe LaCaze in Opelousas, Louisiana, but is available to people all over the world.

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Muscle & Fascia Balance

There are all kinds of reasons for pain and stiffness, but muscle imbalance is so high on the list that it outranks all the others combined. Every muscle and group of muscles in the body has an opposite muscle, or set of muscles.

When one set of muscles is short and tight, the opposite set of muscles will be long and underused. This causes  fascia, the covering of each and every muscle in the body, to become twisted and distorted. By balancing all the muscles with ROTEXMotion exercises, the fascia becomes untwisted and this allows the body to release its stiffness and tension. 

One large problem that muscle imbalance causes is that it creates a constant strain on the group of muscles that are long and weak, which causes both discomfort and inflexibility. When a muscle is too long, and it is stretched further, the body will tighten even more to keep it from tearing.

If dramatic enough, short muscles on one side of a joint, such as the hip or the shoulder, will cause the joint to be very tight. This will limit movement in that joint and, given enough time in that poor position, will cause the joint to deteriorate, needlessly.

The ROTEXMotion program was developed to restore muscle and fascial balance. Every exercise recommended to be performed on ROTEXMotion relaxes short muscles, while creating a strong contraction of the long and weak muscles, helping to correct imbalances of length and strength in muscles. Just one use on ROTEXMotion will begin to create more muscle and fascial balance. Using it diligently will help to permanently balance muscles and fasciae and will help restore flexibility and mobility.

Flexibility & Range of Motion

Good flexibility is simply being able to move through a complete range of motion in all directions. A lack of flexibility can be due to many things, but the number one reason is muscle imbalance.

A common misunderstanding about flexibility and range of motion is that they have only to do with the length of muscles. Actually, they are much more dependent on the strength balance of one set of muscles to the other.

The entire ROTEXMotion program is built upon achieving the proper length and strength between muscles that tend to be short and overactive, in relation to their opposite muscles, which tend to be too long and underactive. When this is achieved, flexibility and range of motion improve immediately in about 85% of the population. Even in the other 15%, extra strength added to weak muscles will create more stability and balance in the body.

Back & Hip Pain

"Strong glutes and balanced hips have more to do with a healthy back than any other factor." There are many different reasons for lower back and hip pain, and ROTEXMotion does not help with all of them. ROTEXMotion does help correct muscle imbalance, which by far is the number one cause of hip and lower back pain and stiffness.

In the majority of the population, lower back and hip pain and stiffness may be resolved by a diligent program of balancing the muscles around them. Especially in the active and athletic populations, most people are prone to have a forward tilted pelvis, which compresses the lower back and puts undue stress on the hips. Simply temporarily correcting that position brings immediate relief in most cases, and correcting it permanently resolves many problems.

The ROTEXMotion program was originally designed to correct problems of lower back and hip position. There are three main components of the problem and ROTEXMotion addresses all three, and helps correct them all at the same time, and in a very short time. Each ROTEXMotion exercise takes less than a minute.

This is accomplished by strengthening every long and under active muscle in and around the hips and lower back, and by relaxing each short and overactive muscle, all at the same time. This creates a more stable and relaxed body position.

If you have chronic or serious pain, illness, or have been diagnosed with a particular syndrome that is not caused by muscle imbalance, ROTEXMotion may not be for you. In any case, please consult with your physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor. They may want to find out more about ROTEXMotion themselves so they can particpate in helping you.

Shoulder & Neck Pain

"Strong, balanced shoulders have more to do with a healthy neck than any other factor." Most of the muscles that support the neck originate from the shoulders. Balancing the shoulder muscles in all three planes, from front to back, side to side, and in rotation, offers more permanent relief for the neck than any other factor, technique, exercise, or modality.

Most active people carry their shoulders in a poor position. Because of our lifestyle and work patterns, we tend to carry our shoulders upward, forward, and rotated inward. These positions not only put stress on the shoulders themselves, they also put undue stress on the neck because the position of the neck is a mirror of the position of the shoulders.

The ROTEXMotion shoulder program works to correct all these positions, relieving tension on the shoulder and the neck. This is accomplished by balancing the muscles of the shoulders — strengthening the groups of muscles that are long and under active, and relaxing the ones that are short and overactive.

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