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Warranty & Return Policy

It is the policy of Blu Sky Solutions LLC, the parent company of ROTEXMotion, that we provide the best product and service available. In keeping with this standard, Blu Sky Solutions LLC offers the following Warranty/Return Policy.
If your ROTEXMotion Pro and ROTEXMotion FS has been damaged in any way during shipment, please contact us at and we will replace it. We will pay for return shipment of the damaged ROTEXMotion Pro and ROTEXMotion FS shipment of your new machine.
If you are dissatisfied with your ROTEXMotion Pro and ROTEXMotion FS, contact us at Send Email within 45 days of ship date, and we will refund your purchase price, minus initial cost of shipment. We will send you a shipping label, at our expense.
Pack the ROTEXMotion Pro and ROTEXMotion FS in its original box with original packing materials if possible, apply the shipping label, and send it back to this address:

Opelousas, LA 70570

Once the ROTEXMotion Pro and ROTEXMotion FS is received, we will immediately refund or apply the total purchase price in the same means as your original payment – credit card, check or money order.
If your ROTEXMotion Pro and ROTEXMotion FS becomes inoperable within one year of receipt of original shipment, we will replace it at no cost. Please email and describe the malfunction. Please type ‘Inoperable ROTEXMotion Pro and ROTEXMotion FS’ in the subject line of the email. Once reviewed, we will send you a new ROTEXMotion with a return-shipping label for the inoperable unit. Take the new ROTEXMotion out of its box, and replace with the inoperable ROTEXMotion Pro and ROTEXMotion FS. Apply the return-shipping label to the box and ship it back to us at the address noted above.
Exception: ROTEXMotion Pro and ROTEXMotion FS were designed for individual or small family use. Although ROTEXMotion Pro and ROTEXMotion FS is currently being used by many professional, college, Olympic teams, military units, chiropractic offices, and physical therapy offices, with no reported issue of malfunction, it is not designed for daily use by a large population. Therefore, this one-year warranty is not extended to any large groups, such as teams, clinics, companies, or organizations. For large population groups, this Warranty/Return Policy is only offered for the ROTEXMotion-Clinical, which was designed and is built to withstand large population, 24-hours a day.