#10 - Necessity is the Mother of Invention

In 2007, I had the most excruciating episode of low back pain and sciatica, even worse than all the cases I've seen in the thousands of patients and athletes I've treated over the past almost thirty years. 

Shortly after that episode, I put my full energy in finding a better treatment plan for low back and sciatic pain. 

At that point, I was very knowledgeable and experienced in chiropractic, neuromuscular therapy, performance enhancement, flexibility work and had performed over 3000 exhaustive assessments on athletes and patients. 

At 4am on some day in December 2007, just before Christmas, I woke up in a start and knew I had the answer. I rushed into my clinic and tried my idea. Right then, I knew I had what I had been seeking. 

The rest of inventing ROTEXMotion has been to find the right people (geniuses) to help me design, manufacture and develop the actual ROTEX models and constant work in the clinic, my lab and working with athletes to develop up-to-date exercises, programs and protocols. 

Dr. Joe LaCaze, DC, NMT, PES, CCEP, Spinal Biomechanics Instructor 

Dr. Joe LaCaze is a retired chiropractor, certified neuromuscular therapist, certified performance enhancement specialist, certified chiropractic extremities practitioner, and spinal biomechanics instructor. He invented ROTEXMotion in 2007 in an effort to "do the most good, for the greatest number of people, in the shortest time possible". 



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