We designed the Training Page to make creating your own ROTEXMotion Exercise Program easy.

Click on any category and you will see different videos load below the folders, at the bottom of the page. Read the instructions for each folder and perform the exercises in the order they appear.

Dr. LaCaze Intro to this Exercise Set
Dr. LaCaze Intro to this Exercise Set
Activation / Warm-Up
Increase Hip Mobility
Partner Assisted Seated Torso Rotation
Recovery / Breaking Compensations
Dr. LaCaze Intro to this Folder
Adjunct for Low Back
Self Measure Full Body Rotation
Assisted Active Hip Rotation
Self Active Hip Rotation
Self Active Hip and Ankle Rotation
Clinician Assisted Passive Hip Rotation
Adjunct for Hips
Partner Assisted Body Weight Squat
Increase Spine Mobility
Adjunct for Shoulder (Scapular Stability, Rotator Cuff and Frozen Shoulder)
Adjunct for Stress Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Myalgia
Increase Ankle Mobility
Adjunct for Ankle
Adjunct for Knee
Increase Shoulder Stability
Increase Low Back Stability
Increase Elbow Stability
Increase Knee Stability
Rotational Sport Activation and Recovery
Drills for Swinging, Hitting, Throwing
Adjunct for Thoracic Spine and Neck
Reducing Upper Crossed Syndrome
Reducing Lower Crossed Syndrome