ROTEXMotion for Medical Use


Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Issues

An ever increasing population of people who have pelvic floor issues including incontinence, urinary frequency issues, and pelvic floor myalgia are finding three simple ROTEXMotion exercises extremely beneficial. We completed a formal controlled study at the Mayo Clinic using two of these exercises with very positive results. Visit our Training Page and select "Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Issues" to see exactly how to perform them. All three are done on the ROTEXMotion Floor Model.  

Lower and Upper Crossed Syndromes

We have specific exercise programs designed to help people with LCS and UCS. The links below contain a full exercise routine (video links included) as well as descriptions of the specific purpose of each exercise. At the bottom of each document is a graphic detailing the symptoms of each condition. The LCS program uses the ROTEXMotion Floor Model and the UCS program uses the ROTEXMotion Floor and Handheld Models. You can also find the video exercises for LCS and UCS on our Training Page.

Lower Crossed Syndrome Literature and Exercise Program

Upper Crossed Syndrome Literature and Exercise Program

Sports Related Injury Prevention and Recovery

Injury during dynamic rotational movement occurs mainly due to failure to train the rotators to be the prime movers for rotation. Compensation, facilitation, and fatigue cause them to become inactive and unable to respond. This causes strain, eventual stiffness, pain, and injury. The exercises shown below are the core of the ROTEXMotion training program. They were specifically designed to target muscles in a way that no other fitness programs or devices do. Through experience and scientific testing we have found them to be the most effective way to strengthen the body's rotators and stabilizers. 

The entire ROTEXMotion program was developed and has evolved over the past 11 years to be a TIME efficient method of breaking compensation and facilitation patterns – about 2-3 minutes per full session. This time efficiency is accomplished by being able to activate all anti-gravity (phasic) muscles, in all planes of movement – Sagittal, Coronal, and Transverse planes – which SIMULTANEOUSLY releases all gravity (tonic) muscles.

Medical and athletic professionals know that COMPLIANCE is the most important component of any correction or exercise program. Due to their muscle type and function, rotators and small stabilizers require DAILY activation and recovery to counteract forces of gravity, work, dynamic exercise, and poor postural patterns.

The basic ROTEXMotion program is designed to be accomplished in about five minutes a day with extraordinary results in reducing compensation patterns, regaining range of motion, and reactivating the entire stabilization and global rotation system.