#2 - Cracking the Mobility Code - History

To review, this blog is for the 40 and over crowd who are motivated to move, feel, perform better. 

After 22 years as a Navy SEAL and challenging my body in every way conceivable, I had several traumatic injuries and then added repetitive stress over the top of those injuries. Fractured neck, fractured low back, traumatized quad, severe sciatica, dislocated shoulder, traumatized calf, and various other issues including plantar fasciitis. But you don't get to go on 'injured reserve' in the SEALs, you just suck it up and keep moving. 

Since retiring from the Navy in 1992 instead of having a low back surgery to continue my SEAL career, I have dedicated my life to finding how to make my body whole again. In the process, I have been been honored to help countless others find a better way to improve their movement. A side effect of better movement is reduced chance of injury, less pain and stiffness, and improved performance. 

There is hope .... at 70 y/o, I move better, feel better, perform better than when I was 60, 50, 40, and don't feel any of the daily stiffness and pain I experienced almost everyday for decades. 

I frequently collaborate with some of the best athletes, strength coaches, skills coaches and teaching professions in various sports, athletic trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors in the world. One thing we agree upon above all else, all programs for training, performance, rehab, etc. must be consistent in instruction. 

We must follow a logical system with a defined starting point and clear direction along the path of progression. We must follow a PATH. 

Dr. Joe LaCaze, DC, NMT, PES, CCEP, Spinal Biomechanics Instructor 

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