#3 - Cracking the Mobility Code - Creating Flexibility Through Strength

40 y/o and over post.

Since we were kids, we have been taught that stretching gives us more flexibility. Maybe so. However.....

Long lasting functional flexibility and stability are the result of strengthening the right muscles in proper proportion to their opposite muscles. It really doesn't get a lot more complicated than that. 

"Functional" means you can use it to your advantage in any kind of movement - in sports for swinging, throwing, kicking, punching, etc. Functional flexibility is also important for movements including lifting, pushing, pulling, and any other thing you do in daily life, work or working out. 

Flexibility is necessary for creating maximum movement to your advantage. Stability is critical for protecting the joints, muscles and soft tissue against injury. 

Dr. Joe LaCaze, DC, NMT, PES, CCEP, Spinal Biomechanics Instructor 

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