#12 - The Spiral Motion Lines

As I mentioned last week, the past several months our ROTEXMotion (RM) Master Instructors and I have developed and tested the most important breakthrough in our RM system since invention in 2007.       

The new program consists of six separate exercises. Each one of them activates, strengthens, and completely connects an entire motion line throughout the body, from the bottom of the feet to the head, or from the hands to the spine and head. 

However, each of the exercises must be performed precisely to completely connect these motion lines. It is well worth the time and effort to learn and perform them correctly. I have been in high performance sports and healthcare for over 50 years, and I have never seen anything that approaches the positive effects for the entire body-to-brain connection. 

Body-to-Brain Connection…...every joint, muscle, fascial line, and nerve along the designated motion chain. That includes every joint responsible for either range of motion or stability…… that includes full body movement.

When the brain receives all the information along the entire motion line, not just a portion of it, wonderful things happen regarding movement and performance. 

The first exercise is called the Spiral Line. Many of you have seen pictures of the Spiral Fascial Line, but please don’t confuse these exercises with only fasciae. They are so much more. 

After testing these exercises with both our RM Master instructors and athletes, I learned that I needed to explain every subtle movement for the exercise to be performed correctly. Please watch all the following videos before you begin working on the Spiral Line. 

What is the Spiral Line in relation to the skeleton?

Spiral Line Motion Chain - Skeleton.mov from Joe LaCaze on Vimeo.

Understanding the mechanics of the exercise. 

Spiral Line Exercise - No Resistance.mov from Joe LaCaze on Vimeo.


Practicing the exercise.

Spiral Line Exercise - Floor Models Only.mov from Joe LaCaze on Vimeo.


Doing the exercise.

Left Spiral Line 

Spiral Line Exercise Left - Combo Package.mov from Joe LaCaze on Vimeo.

Right Spiral Line 

Spiral Line Exercise Right - Combo Package.mov from Joe LaCaze on Vimeo.


Perform this exercise either once or twice a day, as needed. Do from 6-8 repetitions on each side, to perfection.  

Please always feel welcome to reach out to let me know any questions or your feedback.  

In Health and Performance, 

Dr. Joe LaCaze

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