ROTEXMotion Training and Movement Program

Increasing Flexibility Permanently

Increasing flexibility is very counterintuitive. After 15 years of working with his patients and athletic clients, Dr. Joe LaCaze discovered that strengthening, not stretching, certain muscles in the body provide immediate and long lasting gains in movement and flexibility.

What Are the Benefits of ROTEXMotion?

The immediate, short-term benefits of the program are that it releases all the short, tight muscles that restrict joint movement through targeted exercises. These are the same muscles that experience uncomfortable stiffness and tightness. As each exercise is performed, large gains are made for more motion in the hips, pelvis, ankles, shoulders and spine, with more freedom for movement and stability in every direction. Long-term benefits are that with consistent use you will strengthen all of the weak under-used muscles to create joint balance and permanently release the joint from stiffness and tightness. With more motion and stability in all ranges of motion, comes less strain, stiffness, pain and potential for injury.

You are invited to read our study on Core and Hip Muscle Recruitment Patterns between the ROTEXMotion device and common hip rotation rehabilitation exercises. We also have a comparative study on Hip Rotation.

What Specific Movement & Sports Related Gain May I Expect?

Extensive research and testing has proved that the average person will increase their total hip rotation by more than 30 degrees on the very first use, which becomes permanent with regular use of ROTEXMotion. You will be able to increase your total hip and torso rotation by more than 20 degrees, each way, the first time you perform the ROTEXMotion Full Body Rotation exercise.

Will ROTEXMotion Improve My Performance?

We do not claim that using ROTEXMotion will improve your performance, but it has in a great number of athletes, both elite and recreational. It all depends if you have good fundamental mechanics within your sport or activity.

How Does ROTEXMotion work?

There are a few fundamental exercises designed to activate all the muscles in your body that are under-used, both in the design of your body and by your lifestyle. In turn, activating these muscles will release the short, overactive muscles in your body.

Is There Research & Testing to Support These ROTEXMotion Claims?

We have done formal research with APREI (Andrews-Paulos Research and Education Institute) and Louisiana Tech University, and extensive testing with the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, University of Oregon, PGA of America, Mississippi State University Institute of Golf, the New Orleans Saints, K-Vest, and hundreds of case studies to measure immediate and long term gain of hip range of motion gain, full body rotation gain, and squat depth gain. We are also involved research with the Mayo Clinic and University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.