ROTEXMotion Products

The ROTEXMotion program is intended for use by an individual or family to insert into their existing fitness program. It is a valuable asset for active individuals, novice and elite athletes, athletic coaches, health care professionals, and mobile service personnel. Specific areas that are targeted and exercised by our products are the hips, knees, ankles, core, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. These exercise tools may be used for warm up, recovery, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance.


ROTEXMotion FS — Rapid Dynamic Flexibility & Joint Control ($299)

Two years in the making, our ingenious manufactures, engineers, and designers have developed our new, lightweight model of ROTEXMotion. It is every bit as functional as the ROTEXMotion Pro, with the following improvements.

We have reduced its weight from 21 pounds to 7 pounds, making it so much easier for transporting, carrying and moving around the gym or the house. Both machines now fit into one box for shipping. Don't be fooled, although this machine is made from lightweight material, it has been engineered to hold a 500-pound person, and it has been built to last. You won't see a tension adjustment on this machine, we found since 2008 that the brilliance of ROTEXMotion is that the resistance is created from both the machines and by the body positions required in each ROTEXMotion exercise.

ROTEXMotion Pro

ROTEXMotion Pro — Muscle and Joint Balance through Rotational Resistance ($790)

ROTEXMotion Pro is made with the same high-grade materials as our ROTEXMotion Clinical. It is also built to withstand the test of time, and several of our original ROTEXMotion Pro models have been used by college teams in their weight rooms, and are used for travel by select teams within their systems.

In over six years, there have been no issues reported. The ROTEXMotion Pro model must be used against a flat surface, such as a wall — the wall mimics the back plate surface on the Clinical machine. Not only does the wall assist with balance and support, but as a brace, so the user can add sufficient resistance to the rotation of the machine while keeping their trunk and core stable (which cannot be accomplished otherwise).