Professional Endorsements & Research

"From my perspective as a movement specialist, I appreciate the wholeness of the human body. Helping my patients, clients, and athletes move at their highest level of efficiency is a must for optimal performance and injury prevention. Dr. Joe LaCaze and ROTEXMotion have allowed me an extremely precise tool that is a game changer in the movement industry and within physical therapy.

We all agree on the importance of hip, core, and trunk/scapular mobility, and ROTEXMotion is a tool that enhances what we all desire — cleaner, more efficient, highly effective, and powerful movements that are quickly learned and reproducible. The ROTEXMotion program is a staple in my training, conditioning, rehabilitation, and thought process."

Brian Soignier, PT, FAFS (Fellow Applied Functional Science), CAFS (Certified Applied Functional Science), GPS (Golf Performance Specialist), GAME Performance Director, Former University of Louisiana Ragin Cajun QB/WR and Track & Field Decathlete

"Because of Dr. LaCaze, I've learned how to properly balance the bodies of my students, allowing them to get into positions that they couldn't on their own, or with traditional training programs, in two minutes of training with ROTEXMotion equipment. He has enlightened me on how the musculature works in controlling the deceleration phase of the swing allowing for maximum club head speed. I use ROTEXMotion with all my athletes before and after our golf lessons as a way to improve performance, especially with my student, 2014 ReMax World Long Drive Champion, Jeff Flagg."

Tony Luczak, PGA Teaching Professional and Former Director of the MSU Institute of Golf

"Dr. Joe LaCaze has been an invaluable, trusted resource for me since 2009. His knowledge of the athletic body has dramatically influenced my thoughts on how athletes should train in regards to both injury reduction and performance enhancement. Because of his superior knowledge in the fields of athletics, therapy and training, he should be included in any program seeking injury reduction and body conservation. He is a paradigm shifter!"

Dan Dalrymple, Head Strength and Speed Coach for the New Orleans Saints, 2009 Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year

"Dr. Joe LaCaze has helped me with my goals of alignment, explosion, and durability. The ROTEXMotion has and will continue to be an integral part of attaining my goals."

Thomas Morstead, Punter of the New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl Champion 2009, Pro Bowl Punter 2013

"I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Joe LaCaze in 1995 when I was a high-performance consultant to Athletics Australia, preparing the Australian Junior Team for the IAAF World Junior Championships and the Senior Team for the Atlana Olympic Games. From our first conversations, I realized that Dr. LaCaze had a unique perspective on the integrated function of the human body.

The ROTEXMotion for me has been a real game changer for our players. The single biggest know on players at the NFL Combine is that their hips are too tight. This tool gives every player and every coach a systematic approach to make this correction in just several sessions, then maintain that restriction-free movement and stay healthy.

We have invited Dr. LaCaze to help our numerous athletes who have been invited to the NFL Football Combine. He routinely takes elite football players who cannot body squat to a parallel position and has them doing a full squat in one to three days, using his ROTEXMotion protocols. This is significant as failure to perform a deep squat is the NFL's number one injury predictor. He also helps them dramatically increase their hip and shoulder ranges of motion.

The approach Dr. LaCaze takes to train the decelerator muscles is brilliant. Why make the strong muscles stronger to even more overpower the weakened muscles? As I write this, Dr. LaCaze and I are working on taking his principles to a new level and applying his concepts to linear motion with remarkable results."

Loren Seagrave, Director of Speed and Movement, IMG Coach for over 50 Olympic and Countless World Cup Medals

"Dr. LaCaze is truly on the cutting edge with the ROTEXMotion in the way we train the rotational aspects of the hips, shoulders, ankles, and back. I have been using ROTEXMotion with my athletes and on myself for the past 6 years and cannot imagine not having it in my training regimen.

Importantly, Dr. LaCaze's passion is about continuous research on how ROTEXMotion and his program can be used for injury prevention, rehabilitation and improved performance."

Rob Phillips, Head Strength Coach, Tulane University

"I have worked with Dr. Joe LaCaze for over 11 years. His assistance with our athletes has been absolutely amazing. From educating our staff on physiology and biomechanics to injury prevention and rehab, Dr. LaCaze's guidance has proved to be invaluable. His intervention with some of our key swimmers in the 2014 NCAA Championships helped us to our best performance ever."

Andy Robbins, Associate Head Coach of the Florida State Swim and Dive Team

"Dr. LaCaze's vast knowledge of the human body and his desire to search for the reasons people move and create rotational power has influenced my training and evaluation of athletes. His vast knowledge and research of muscular contraction has helped increase my ability to think through and create training programs for my athletes."

David Donatucci, Strength and Conditioning Coach, PGA National and Florida Institute of Performance